It Won’t Be Long Now <明日陽光璨爛>

It Won’t Be Long Now is a pair of inter-linked solo shows set in 1940s Hong Kong under Japanese occupation. It follows the experiences of Allied prisoners of war incarcerated in the Shamshuipo Prison Camp and it shows the lives of Hong Kongese on the other side of the wire. It is based on real histories and is, finally, a show about survival in a time of hardship.

It Won’t Be Long Now is performed in an expressive physical style that creates many powerful images and features a specially written text in English and Cantonese. It tells both the outward story of imprisonment, hunger and exile and the inward story of irrational optimism conquering doubt and despair.

very professional … a particularly thoughtful design … an important history of Hong Kong that should not be forgotten

The Strand (HK)

It Won’t Be Long Now is a CCCD, Hong Kong Dramatists and Bill Aitchison Company co-production created with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.