Proletarian Dance 1


Proletarian Dance 1

Proletarian Dance 1 sees two dancers doing the Birdie Dance in front of Karl Marx Kopf, Chemnitz over which Marxist theory is read in chorus and then rewound a series of times. The video straddles both sides of the former iron curtain: Chemnitz was in the former East Germany and called Karl Marx Stadt and the The Birdie Dance or Duck Dance (Der Ententanz) is German Swiss by origin and popularised first within the Western working classes or proletariat. Proletarian Dance 1 takes in aesthetic and political, ironies from both sides of this former divide and is performed on the once important communist site of Karl Marx Kopf that is now an ambiguous but nonetheless impressive monument, home today to skateboarders more than a site of official ceremonies.


The video is an adaptation of a dance sequence from the performance Indifference (Bill Aitchison Company 2011) that takes five popular group dances with set songs and uses them to examine the theme of freewill and determinism. Indifference is co-produced by Zeitraumexit Mannheim & FFT Dusseldorf and with the financial support of Arts Council England and British Council Germany.


Direct Action Festival IOM Berlin 2014

Medrar Cairo 2014

Dream Capsule Jue Festival Shanghai 2014

CologneOFF IX Vilnius, Lithuania 2013

Lab Film Festival London 2013

Medrar Cairo Video Festival Egypt 2013

Chinese European Art Centre Xiamen China 2013

BYOB Moving Image Art Fair OXO Tower, London 2012

Video 4 minutes 50


Youku with Chinese subtitles


Performed   Bill Aitchison & Katja Dreyer

Sound         James Dunn

Camera       Ronald Weise

Edited          Bill Aitchison

Produced     Bill Aitchison Company 2012