Way-losing is a form of tour that explores what it means to lose your way. Some people have a special talent for getting lost, others have a compass-like sense of direction. Rather than viewing being lost negatively, this tour considers it as a unique state in which places, people and objects all appear detached from their familiar matrix.

We absolutely enjoyed the Way losing experience... getting lost seems to be the best way to get to know an unknown city.

The tour is guided by the ideas and poetics of losing one’s way while at the same time following an indeterminate route through the city. A variety of techniques are used to take the group off the beaten path and this can, for example, initiate discussion about how it is to be lost and what it is to be located.

Video of Way-Losing in Cologne

A Way-Losing tour creates a genuinely new experience of the city, something that can be a very rare thing for people who have lived in the same city for a long time. It is also a social experience in which friends and strangers come together to discuss and participate in the shared experience of getting progressively more and more lost.

If you are interested in booking a tour take a look at the Way-Losing.pdf brochure.