April 19 - 20

The Veiled City (workshop) CCCD Hong Kong

April 22

Hyper Heritage Jockey Club Creative Art Centre Hong Kong

April 27

Reading the Internet The Pelican London

May 19

PSY-OPS Sound Lab Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai

May 20

PSY-OPS Workshop Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai

June 03

The Wealth of Nations Xinjiekou, Nanjing City Centre

The Veiled City Two evenings exploring Hong Kong’s urban textures

We will delve into the heart of city and find ways to make the familiar unfamiliar. We will explore the streets, switching points of view, challenging our own habits and picking up stories as we go. The Veiled City is one part workshop, one part experience in its own right and all parts special.

The Veiled City is for people interested in urban spaces and how they work. It is a particularly useful for anyone who researches or shows other people the city, whether for art, for society or for tourism. Most of all, however, it is for anyone interested in seeing more of the dynamic and essential Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok neighbourhoods.

Hyper Heritage

Hyper Heritage is a performance made in collaboration with postgraduate students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the festival Saving The Past For The Future. It will look at the surrounding neighbourhood and its representation within Hong Kong cinema. This is heritage in the sense that it is a collection of stories drawn from and projected onto the neighbourhood, the city and its people. These stories, told over the last century about intrigues stretching back into ancient times and events in a not yet seen future, are fictions that have not just reflected different realities but have also helped shape our sense of it for some time. What are the sources of today's myths? How much is today's Shek Kip Mei a fiction with reality intruding into it? What would the film of films of the area look like? Come on a Hyper Heritage tour and see.

Reading the Internet: On Migration

Reading the Internet is an exorcism and a celebration of all the writing that’s published online: in blogs, on social media, in comment boxes and more. It takes the public forum of the internet into the public space of cafes, theatres and pizza parlours, and transforms the written word into live art.

The theme is migration and Bill will answering questions on exile, borders and producing art in China

Curated by Something Other and run as a fundraiser for Medicin Sans Frontieres.

The Wealth of Nations

This is a new work in development which inscribes Adam Smith’s classic economic treatise from 17— onto a contemporary Chinese shopping mall district. Presented in the form of an audio tour, this is a form of collage that allows both the text to offer a commentary on the site and the site to inform our understanding of this text which has become something of a neoliberal bible. This is a free event but reservation is necessary via the Contact page.  Xinjiekou, Nanjing City Centre


A short review and description of tour style performances created 2013-16.


The Emancipated Tourist a paper on the subject of reimagining tourism through art is currently available to view and comment upon.

The Tour of All Tours blog remains very active with a number of recent reviews from Nanjing, Xiamen, Genhe.