April 5-7

Last Minute Live Art Festival AMNUA Museum, Nanjing Academy of Art (curator)

May 3-5, 10-12

The Willing Take The Bait, Cestben Nanjing (director)

May 26

Wealth of Nations Nanjing City Centre

July 3-6

IATIS Conference Hong Kong Baptist University

July 14

Tears of a Loyal Patriot Rolling Snowball Iceland

July 20-22

Way-Losing Three-day non-stop tour UK

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The Willing TakeThe Bait is a devised bilingual theatre production in English and Mandarin from IS. The show, directed by Aitchison, focusses upon the interactions between native Chinese and visitors in China.

The Wealth of Nations

This is a new work in development which inscribes Adam Smith’s classic economic treatise from 1776 onto a contemporary Chinese shopping mall. Presented in the form of an audio tour, this is a spatial collage that allows both the text to offer a commentary on the site and the site to inform our understanding of this seminal text. This is a free event but reservation is necessary via the Contact page. Deji Plaza, Nanjing City Centre


Way-Losing is a tour the objective of which is to get everybody, the guide included, lost.  


Expressions of interest are now being taken for the Three-Day Completely Lost Tour that will take place over the summer of 2018 in the UK. Exact times and terms will be finalised in the Spring.

Reading the Internet: On Migration

Bill contributed a video interview, recorded on the streets of Nanjing, for the event Reading the Internet. This was in response to questions posed by curator Alessandra Cianetti such as:

Bill, in our email exchange you mentioned that for you Brexit started five years ago because the income-based law for British citizens married to non-UK ones does not allow you to move back to the UK with your Chinese partner. This has suddenly built walls that you were probably not expecting. How has this been impacting on you both as an individual and practitioner?

The full interview is available online on Something Other


A short review and description of tour style performances created 2013-16.

The Alternative Tour

This is a free audio piece that has recently been made available for the village of Littlebredy in Dorset. It navigates the listener around the village by describing a series of semi fictional tours that reflect both on the process of leading and being led and on the village itself.


The Emancipated Tourist a paper on the subject of reimagining tourism through art is currently available to view and comment upon.

The Tour of All Tours blog remains very active with a number of recent writing about Brussels, Nanjing and Xiamen.